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Over the past 25 years, I have hiked hundreds of miles of Sedona's scenic landscape- visiting vortexes, hiking canyons and climbing nearly every red rock formation.  Those red rocks have become my friends and many of them have their own names.  For those of you who have never experienced Sedona, I must explain further.  
Author Ann Galgano Bellile presents an Historic guide to Sedona's Red Rock Vistas

From the days of the early settlers to today, Sedona's residents have named numerous rock formations in the Sedona area.  They have curious names like Giant's Thumb, Coffee Pot Rock and The Mitten.  They have animal names like Lizard Head, Camel Head and Lion Head.  Some have majestic names like Cathedral, Castle and The Madonna and Child.

And right in the heart of town is one of the most infamous and for some people, the hardest to spot, Snoopy Rock. Each time I visited, I would collect a few more.  Driving, hiking and photographing till I got just the right shot of each character.  When travelling to Sedona with friends, I became a bit of a tour guide calling out each rock by name as though it were a family member. 

Many times, others would have trouble spotting a shape and I would gently guide their eyes to just the right angle. 

I came to the realization that many visitors coming to Sedona are not really seeing all it has to offer. This inspired me to write my book about the red rocks of Sedona. Having an art background, I became equally passionate about the natural beauty and the vivid colors.  My camera lens has been my canvas and after taking thousands of photos, I still see something new.

I have captured Sedona's Technicolor landscape in every season, hiking through snow and mud as well as dust and stream.

The first I heard of Sedona was at a spiritual seminar in Chicago.  The presenter, Dick Sutphen, spoke about the energy and the vortexes in Sedona. I have spent many hours in these peaceful places and have met many people who have flocked from all over the world seeking spirtual experiences. I became curious about how people found this magical place and how Sedona came to be.

I discovered that history is abundant here.  Sedona is rich in colorful cowboy tales and stories of settlers' survival in this remote landscape of the west.  The more I heard of these stories, the more I wanted to learn.  

Author Ann Galgano-Bellile
An Historic Guide to Sedona's Red Rock Vistas
I searched libraries, attended lectures, interviewed locals and became a member of the Sedona Historical Society. 

I devoured every news clip and column I could find trying to piece it all together.  I wanted to include this rich history in my writings and photographs.

Sedona has become my passion and obsession and hopefully, soon, my home.