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Excerpt from upcoming book, "Watch for Red Rocks"

"You shouldn't pick up rocks," Grandma Lucy warned.  "You'll lead a hard life,"  Everyday at lunch I would show her my latest prize - a pebble or a stone that caught my eye as I kicked my way down the alley on my way home from school.  As long as I can remember, rocks filled my pockets.

Throughout my life, I have collected rocks from all over the world.  Some are pocket-sized and some are boulders.  They decorate my garden and every room in my house.  Each has a special meaning or memory.  Some are just pretty or interesting.  Many of them are heart-shaped.  It is easy to see how a rock hound like me was drawn to a place like Sedona.

Sedona seduced me at the very first glimpse of her spectacular beauty.  I was attending a Dick Sutphen conference when he began a slide show.  The glowing red stone formation behind him was awe-inspiring.

Author Ann Galgano-Bellile
An Historic Guide to Sedona's Red Rock Vistas

He spoke of vortexes and energy.  He said names like, Bell Rock, Cathedral, Courthouse....  He talked about them like they were celebrities or movie stars.  I was smitten.  It was love at first sight.

Sedona became my new quest.  I must get there.  The travel agent had never heard of the place and had a difficult time booking the flight and a place to stay.

The drive up from Phoenix, now a routine commute, seemed endless.  What would it be like?  Are the rocks really that red?  Will I feel anything different?  Will I have a cosmic experience?

The first Sedona sight I encountered was Bell Rock.  My arms began to tingle as we approched the behemoth.  It was magnificent!  I was hooked.

Little did I know that these rock stars  would soon become close personal friends of mine.  And yes, they do have their own identities and personalities and names.

Author Ann